Student Information:
Our Policy:
  1. There are no credits for student absences if the lesson is available. If the teacher cancels, we will provide a make-up lesson or a credit to your account.
  2. Lessons are billed in advance each month, according to the school calendar.
  3. By submitting this form you agree to allow us to provide lessons to your child or children.
  4. Payment is due by the first of the month in which lessons occur.
  5. Outstanding balances after the 12th of each month will be assessed a $10 late fee.
  6. By submitting this application you agree that you will pay all collection fees, late fees, returned check fees, and court costs incurred in the collection of all sums due.
  7. Students who arrive late for a session may have less than a full lesson.
  8. Students are expected to have their books with them for every lesson!

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